#YoungAndRestless: Charlotte Sands

Charlotte Sands

Photography by : Charlotte Sands

Text by : Max Fabricant

May 27, 2014

One of my best friends from back home in Massachusetts has his own home studio. It’s one, small room- makeshift- and there’s only so many resources. All his younger sister Charlotte ever needed was a piano, a guitar, and an audience.

Growing up, we’d hear her cover the songs on the radio from her bedroom upstairs. Now 17, Charlotte sings online, in live performances across the state, and most importantly, in her studio downstairs.

Today, she released her debut album of original songs. Charlotte’s delicate voice and soft-string guitar playing capture her free-spirited personality so well. Her passion and motivation to sing for others has blossomed a hopeful hobby into a budding singing/songwriting career. A truly original artist.

Below is her song, “Shapes & Forms”.

You can hear more of Charlotte Sands’ original music, link through to her social media, and even purchase her self-titled album at her own site here.