The Idea Of Nothing


Photography by : ANTI SOCIETY


January 31, 2014

I have a question for you, yes you the person reading this post at this very moment. If there was nothing, what would there be? Responding with the simple answer as “nothing” would be a false statement. Something has to come from something, and the idea of something coming from absolutely nothing is scientifically impossible.

For Example :
If I have a completely blank canvas on a wall, nothing would be visible on it, unless someone or something was to draw on it. Until then, it would just be a blank canvas.


This is something I think about almost everyday. We live in this huge universe that God created, but where did God come from? Where did the place he came from come from? Is life a blank canvas that did the impossible and was marked on by nothing? If there was ever really nothing, the word nothing wouldn’t exist because there would just be nothing. If that makes any sense.


Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine myself being non-existent.
Thinking of myself being non-existent is the scariest thing ever, especially if you think hard enough. Just think, if there was no earth, no life, no God, no anything, what would there be? There would be truly nothing. But how could there just be nothing? It makes me think about all of the little things we worry about in life and how it really means nothing. This thing we call life that we experience problems in, could one day be absolutely nothing.

Life is a beautiful thing. Only God holds the answers to a lot of the questions we have. Hopefully one day we will all know the truth.