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Text : Conor Ambrose

March 1, 2014

According to the newest issue of Billboard magazine Kendrick Lamar will be releasing a new album this coming September, in addition to the debuts of Rashad and SZA and other planned releases for Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.  TDE’s CEO Anthony Tiffith also hinted at the debut release from Black Hippy, the rap supergroup featuring Lamar, Q, Rock, and Ab-Soul.

The article also contained a comment from Kendrick about the widely publicized text from Macklemore, which apologized for winning the Grammy for best rap album of the year.  Lamar was quoted saying “That text surprised me, but Macklemore is a genuine dude. However it panned out, I wish him much success. He touched people’s souls, and no one can take that away. Really, the whole Grammy moment was incredible. Not everyone gets that shot.”

While Kendrick was polite with his response, other artists were not so kind.  Drake was quoted by Rolling Stone saying “that shit was wack as fuck,” and I find it hard to not agree with him at least a little bit.  Like it or not, Macklemore had some huge records this year.  He should have owned his success and taken it in stride instead of posting a guilt-ridden text on Instagram.