Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (Official Video)

Directed by : Casper Balslev

Text by : Charlie Oliver

June 3, 2014

Swedish artist Seinabo Sey released a music video for her second single last week. While the track itself is a solid follow up to her breakthrough single, Younger, the visuals on Hard Time I think are particularly notable. From the initial image of a dancer’s hair draped over her face resembling a cage, to the juxtaposition of humans and animals, and the flood of dark water drowning out the bull, this video is ripe with the sort of meaningful, vivid imagery I hope will become a trend in pop music, because it takes full advantage of the power of art. Rather than spoon feeding you ideas, art can make you feel something you may not yet understand. Art can influence you. Art can even transform your outlook on life.

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