Photography by : Milli G

Text by : Milli G

June 12, 2014

Move over fellas, there’s a new female artist who’s making a name for herself in the art world by turning her natural talents into a career. This young ambitious entrepreneur goes by the name Sand One. You probably seen her colorful vibrant huge murals on Fairfax Blvd in LA, Atlanta, Miami, Mexico City, Puerto Rico & many more prime locations across the globe. You can’t help but stare at the beautiful female characters Sand One is creating with their big eyes and long beautiful eyelashes. Every guy should want a girl like that & every girl wishes she was that girl. She memorializes the 21st century women and empowers them by painting young vivacious women with attitude. She inspires inner city girls to embrace their individuality. I think that was the thing that attracted me to her story the most. ANTI tries to showcase artists that are atypical. What is more ANTI than a young Latin girl from East L.A making a name for herself in the art world? Read our exclusive interview and decide for yourself.

Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into art.

When I first started painting I knew nothing. I had no connections. I use to be very shy, then it clicked in my head. I’m from East LA, my mom knows nothing about art and I have nothing. I never went to college but I felt I could be someone without anything holding me back. I went to art shows and no one believed I was an artist. So I started to paint murals. I do my own art exhibits to this day. Anything I want is in reach I just have to work for it. All you have to do is make yourself known in your crowd and always stay true to yourself.


What was like growing up in East Los Angeles, CA?

It was amazing, there was murals everywhere. I was really inspired by this one traditional Mexican mural that was on Cesar Chavez & Soto street. I always thought in my head I want to do something like that but I didn’t want to paint ladies with fruit baskets on their heads or boring landscapes. I wanted to do my own style so I started painting girls with cupcakes, hearts, bubbles, with a cute quote like “EAT ME.”


How many murals have you done thus far and where are they located?

So far about 200. You can see them in LA, Miami, Mexico City, Arizona, Chicago, Vegas, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, just to name a few. They are on trucks, walls, vending carts, corn charts and stickers everywhere around town. I want everyone to see my art: your mom, your grandma, you sister or brother and your significant other. My main focus is to build my art and take it to the next level. I want to see my art everywhere.


Where do you plan to take your artwork? I noticed you made pillows.

I love being an artist, I want to be one for the rest of my life. I don’t want my art just to be on murals. I want to take over, like what Betsey Johnson did. I’m currently designing nail art, purses, shirts, leggings, and satin pillows.

What advice would you give to your followers?

Don’t stay stuck in a square, think out of the box. I would have never thought to do pillows but I’m doing them. Its different but different is good. Keep talking to people, networking and opening doors. Never doubt yourself! Whenever you start something everyone will doubt it in the beginning so make moves quietly. There will be struggles and tribulations that you will encounter that will only make you stronger and have thicker skin. There will be times when you’re eating dollar menus or cups of noodles but its ok because with all the ups and downs that it comes with to be an entrepreneur the moment you learn what you need to learn you will scale up the ladder. There have been times when someone will say they will purchase my art & I’m thinking “I’m going to eat good this month.” Then I call them and never get a call back or they say tomorrow again and again. That has never stopped me from moving forward. I never give up. Even if it feels like you’re not going anywhere everything you’re doing everyday has to lead to your career, every investment you make should go to your career. Don’t waste your time going out and partying if you’re not where you want to be in life. And last but not least, your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you. So don’t focus on love ladies, follow your career.



At the young age of 22 Sand One has created her own art conglomerate and is taking her work to the next level. She shared with us the many struggles of being a starving artist but also shared with us her one key to success. Her only advice was to keep going and to never give up no matter how hard it gets. One of the greatest lessons I feel a young inspiring artist can grab from Sand One is to never give up on your dreams. When adversity strikes you meet it head on! Never become a product of your environment, instead create products and sell them back to your environment.

  • Shea Reiswig ANTI

    Dope! She is doing great! And her art is pretty sick too! Very ANTI!