Raury shows support for ANTI Society with new Tour

Source : LifeandTimes.com

Text by : Conor Ambrose

July 10, 2014

We’ve been a supporter of Raury’s music since “God’s Whisper” dropped back in March and now he’s returned the favor, naming his recent tour after our movement.  The segment above features the young Atlanta native appearing at Childish Gambino’s concert, hoping to gain respect from the fans after the show by performing guerilla-style and running from the cops in true ANTI fashion.

Shoutout to Raury for showing us love, if any of our other readers have videos showing how you are #ANTI send them our way: contact@antisociety.com.

  • Shea Reiswig ANTI

    Haha this dude is dope! I love the idea of “guerilla shows”. Very ANTI.

  • sp

    His flow is very similar to kanye’s pinnochio’s story. Either way I respect his idea but this track is too preachy.