Raury – God’s Whisper


Image : pigeonsandplanes.com

Text : Sam Ferro

March 12, 2014

Raury, 17 year old artist from Atlanta, has quite the perspective on the world. He has the same passion and motivation that ANTI does. In his recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Raury goes into detail of what inspired his new single “God’s Whisper” and his music in general.

“I was fucking pissed. I hated school. My mom found out I smoked pot. She was patronizing me all the time. I just wanted to drop out and focus on what I wanted to do which was music…I thought school was a system of indoctrination and brainwashing, and they just want you to go to school, graduate, have kids and die. That’s something I won’t compromise. I won’t live my life on my knees.”

Raury is obviously very passionate about his music and his way on life. At only 17, he is already ahead of a lot of new artists coming up. His aspiration for success is tenacious just like his talent. He says that he is “going to be one of the the greatest lyricists out here. I am one of the greatest lyricists out here, fuck it.” And for that, I’m interested to see what his upcoming EP Indigo Child will sound like.