Outlaw Arts Presents : 21st Precinct Art Exhibit


Photography by : Ken Caruso

Text by : Ken Caruso

August 15, 2014

Robert Aloia got the the call to curate this project about a month ago. A real estate company was donating the walls, ceilings, floors, and stairwells for canvas to him and his artistic friends at the space whose former life was the 21st Precinct Station House. The house was established in 1863 and was going to become the latest casualty to gentrification, that’s right, the dreaded “c” word… condos. So he got on the phone right away and started to assemble some of the better street artist in the city. Calling in favors, begging or just outright threatening the lives of their kids and family’s. Under a totally fucked up strict work schedule, usually 5pm-10pm, my man was able to pull it all together without a minute to spare before last nights press party. You could still smell the aerosol throughout the space.

Taken off from the “Surplus Candy” theme, this show has a much better cohesion and flow to the space and rooms. With the likes of 40 artists the space consist of 5 floors, 4 with a basement area all done up to the artist own feel and emotion that the space must have given them when they initially had Robert walk them through. With names like my friends Lorenzo Masnah, Hellbent, Chris RWK, Rae and Bill Claps to well known artists on the streets such as Vexta, Pixote, bunny M, Sheryo & The Yok, Ghost, ELLE, Faust, ASVP, Amanda Marie and way too many more to mention, the show is definitely going to be a huge success.

With much help from Savior Elmundo, Pesu,VNA Magazine, Beau, NY St. Gallery, Suzuki Capital LLC and my friend Todd Masters, Robert was able to pull off something I thought when he first walked me through the empty space would be a fucking long shot. So I must commend his multi-tasking of being not only a curator but security guard, appointment juggler, ball buster, gopher, ass kisser, jail warden, mediator, feelings fixer and just all around great guy for a perfectly laid out Hail Mary. It just fucking worked. Get your asses to this show because it’s well worth your effort to appreciate the talent that’s there in front of your eyes.Opening this Saturday 6-9pm / Sunday 1-6pm and will be open next Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm.

Below are just a few of the spaces that I thought translated well in photos. By no means am I saying that any are better than another. Peace and Create.


Artist Vexta.. When you take a picture just right the red string appears like a lazar beam around the art piece.


Artist Iena Cruz


My friend Lorenzo Masnah


Rae’s Floor to cieling bedroom.


Li Hill’s beautiful piece on the original brick walls.


The legendary Ghost.


The Gorgouise piece by Danielle Mastrion.


The wild all over redness of Sheryo & The Yok


Love this piece by Ben Angotti


Double trouble on the brick columns by Chris Soria


This bad ass piece is by the artist Esteban del Valle

Ken Caruso is the ANTI Society’s in-house street art and photography expert. He is a decorative artist and owner and operator of Alternative Interiors in New Jersey as well as an avid collector and graffiti hunter. He also has his own radio show on Friday nights “Live…Without a net” on chestnutradio.com. Follow him on Instagram  @djkcaruso.