Olivver – Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People) Official Video

Directed by : Tyler Trautman

Text by : Sam Ferro

June 29, 2014

Former drummer of The Neighborhood, Bryan Sammis, has a new alias called Olivver and has kickstarted his solo career recently. He dropped a couple singles in the last few months and just came out with a new song called “Lucy” accompanied with an intriguing video that portrays two sides of the character. The video could be seen as exposing the realities versus the fantasies of taking drugs. The visuals of the video show the colorful and playful world that he sees after taking the drug, but also the dark and realistic version of what is actually happening, which is shown in black and white. We think this is Olivver’s best song out yet and the video catches your eye without a doubt. We’re looking forward to see where Bryan’s solo career takes him.

  • Shea Reiswig ANTI

    Wow… I am speechless. Amazing.

  • Keith Jones

    Such a creative concept! So wild.