Source : YouTube

Text by : Neima Abdulahi

January 5, 2014

Often times I get asked, “Who is your favorite rapper?” And my answer has been the same since I was in middle school. NAS. But it’s when I get asked “Why?” that leaves me making lyrical references that only a true fan could pick up on. Here’s some hyperlinks to guide you through my answer. It Ain’t Hard To Tell that Nasir Jones has transformed over the years. He came “straight out of the dungeons of rap” in ’94 to telling the critics he “will…not…lose” on Stillmatic. He went from taking shots at Jay-Z on the track “Ether” to squashing the beef and collaborating with him on his album “Untitled.” He went from only having a New York State Of Mind to wanting to open “every cell in Attica to send them to Africa.” Most importantly, he went from saying “Life’s A Bitch” to finally realizing that “Life Is Good.” Nasty Nas is a timeless veteran with genius wordsmith abilities. No questions asked. Let’s face it. It was written that the self-professed God’s Son would be a street’s disciple for an unforgiving music genre, the same genre he pronounced dead back in 2006. But if he ruled the world, it would come back to life.