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Jay Bilas meets Young Jeezy

photography by : VIBE

text by : Conor Ambrose

Jay Bilas, ESPN’s basketball analyst has been shouting out Jeezy for years, calling him the “urban philosopher” and tweeting out his lyrics to fans. Jeezy took notice, and returned the favor on E-40′s “Function” track but the two had never met until VIBE got them in the booth together. Check out the clip to see […]


ANTI POWER TRIPPING: THE Anthony Lister Interview

photography by : Ken Caruso

text by : Ken Caruso

Say what you will about Anthony Lister… But he’s a force to be reckoned with. With a style of his own, a confident attitude, and the work to back it up he is turning out brilliant contemporary pieces. ┬áHe has me feeling like a high school cheerleader shouting “the bigger the better” (laugh out loud)… […]

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photography by : David Sabastian

text by : Conor Ambrose

This week’s #THROWBACK is one of our favorite track’s off David Sabsastian’s mixtape Napoleon Complex called “On My MJ,” appropriately set to some of Michael Jordan’s most acrobatic moments.


HellBent on Creating

photography by : Ken Caruso

text by : Ken Caruso

Hellbent aka Justin Mikal Davis was born down south in REM country and lifted his name from Richard Hell. Believe it or not at my age I’ve actually seen Richard Hell at CBGB’s, so Justin intrigued me and I wondered why he picked hell for a moniker. Like I’ve stated before…art and music go hand […]


Redman – Let’s Get Dirty

photography by :

text by : ANTI SOCIETY

One of our all-time club favorites is this week’s #THROWBACKTHURSDAY. ┬áTurn up the volume, go full screen, and let Redman take you all the way back to 2001.