iGOD: Are We Slaves To Technology?

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Photography by : David Sabastian

Text by : David Sabastian

January 3, 2014


“Slaves to technology”

I wake up and I grab my iPhone. I put it down and I go to the restroom. Immediately I go back into the room and I check my text messages and social network updates. I walk into my office and I begin to answer e-mails. I may get distracted and go to my favorite blog or do some social networking. I get a call on my phone. Then another call comes in. The I get an e-mail and the process continues like this for the majority of the day. When I’m in public I’m listening to music. I look around me on the train and everyone is tapped into there devices. everyone is either texting , playing an online game, or listening to music. I find myself trapped into this digital world where I only exist as long as my battery does. I am a slave to technology. I know the word slave sounds a bit rash but if technology failed and I wasn’t able to send those e-mails or be able to communicate with people through social networks I may go absolutely insane. This hasn’t happened overnight! I have been conditioned through years and years of worshipping these inanimate objects.

How did we get to this point? How did we get to the point where we value a phone over human-to-human conversation? I know this from experience that we live in an age where people would much rather text than to hear the voice of another fellow human being. We would rather read the words and interpret emotion than to just call someone and have an actual conversation. We can attribute this to time management but I think it goes way deeper than that.

I asked a young lady at a party I was at what was the best way to stay in contact with her. She replied “Text me because I literally hate talking on the phone.” I immediately walked away because I personally don’t choose to associate with people who are that disconnected from reality. Is there a way for me to regain my independence from this technological purgatory? I am in no way preaching that technology is bad, I am merely asking is it possible to function in the 21st century without being bound to a phone and a computer?

Is this God’s way? Did God want human’s to be this advanced and have the capabilities that are no available to us thanks to technology? Are we supposed to be able to communicate with people millions of miles away? Or is this like the invention of the atom bomb? I created this artwork called iGOD because to me that is all iPods and iPhones are! Gods that can fit in our pockets. They can answer any question, they can put you in contact with anyone, they can talk back to you, and most of all they get you to spend all of your free time on them. Growing up my mother used to say “anything you do more than build your relationship with God is idolatry according to the Bible.” If that is true is my computer a modern day “false idol?” Am I going to hell for spending more time e-mailing then reading the Bible? Ask yourself how much time do you spend using technology and what would happen to your world if technology ceased to exist.


Try to go a day without using technology. NO LAPTOPS, IPHONES, IPADS, MICROWAVES, ETC.


Let’s see how addicted you are to technology. It may be harder than you think!






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  • LpNoDaysOff

    Funny story. After reading this article, the same night my phone fell in the toliet
    and I had to go a few days without my iphone.