Image : @USAirways

Text : Conor Ambrose

April 16, 2014

According to US Airways spokesman Matt Miller, the company’s internal investigation determined that the inappropriate tweet was posted accidentally by one of their employees.  Today, our source told us that this is a lie.

When I first saw the image of an airplane in that woman’s vagina tweeted, a hacker I’ve come to know by the name ‘breakfast_’ came to mind.  Breakfast_ is a hacker associated with iThug, a collective consisting of eight individuals who took credit for the Burger King and Jeep hacks last February, and the even more impressive MLB hack in August of 2012.  Breakfast_’s style is not malicious; more often than not it’s pretty damn funny. This was consistent with his style of hacking, and seemed too coincidental given his recent tweets.  However, I  patiently waited for someone to come forward and take credit for their work because I lacked any evidence. All of this changed today when I heard a radio interview featuring the supposed US Airways hacker named “Brian,” who was in fact breakfast_.  I called him immediately, and he agreed to share his version of the truth with ANTI Society.  To my knowledge, this is the first and only report of this kind.

“A friend of mine sent me the picture and I tweeted it March 29 and told him ‘I’m going to work my ass off to hack airlines this week.’  Originally, I wanted to tweet it out from the Malaysian Airlines account but I thought better of it and US Airways was the first account I got ahold of,” breakfast_ told me over the phone.

Breakfast_ obtains Twitter account information by catfishing, which is pretending to be someone you are not on social media.  In the US Airways case, breakfast_ pretended to be a woman on twitter who was flirting with airline employees and promising to send them nude photos.  When a US Airways employee finally tweeted an inquiry to breakfast after seeing the photos, the hacker sent the employee a Dropbox file containing an exploit with a keylogger, or a program to track keystrokes.  As soon as the employee clicked on the link, the malware was installed on his computer and breakfast_ was off and running as he began to collect everything the employee was typing.  Breakfast then used the keystrokes to to find the password for the @USAirways handle, and as we all know, tweet a picture of an airplane in a vagina.

“The first time I hacked a corporate account, it took me about 3 or 4 hours to really figure it out.  Honestly it’s easy.  With keyloggers and programs like Dropsmack anyone with a Macbook can hack,” he explained.  ”It’s actually easier for me to hack corporate accounts than personal accounts, because no one stays permanently logged into a corporate account.  Employees have to frequently log in and out, unlike with your personal account, so you’ve actually given me direct access to your corporate account.  You are logging in and out so often it makes it really easy to find the information in the keystrokes.”

But why hack corporate accounts in the first place?  Breakfast_’s message is actually a lot deeper than it may initially seem.  He believes the United States is becoming an oligarchy, and he worries that the country is increasingly being controlled by the wealthy alone.

“There’s practically no way for normal people to make an impact.  But when I do something, it gives everyday people a voice.  Everyone is talking about it, it’s amazing how much conversation can be caused by a breach like this,” he said.

The hacker acknowledged that if the authorities look hard enough, they will probably find him, but he assured me that he’s not afraid of legal prosecution. “Because US Airways’  business model isn’t predicated on Twitter, nothing I’ve done is technically criminal.  But hey, if they come up with something, it might be fun to do a little bit of jail time. I’ve got enough tattoos,” he joked.

So what will breakfast_’s next hack be? He believes it’s his best project yet.  ”I’m working actively right now to hack some hardcore republicans. The usual suspects who are talking on FOX News.  I really want to sting them.  I have a couple emails and passwords right now but I need 5-10 at once to cause a real disruption.”

Breakfast_, you’ve got our full support.  Keep winning the internet.

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