First Billionaire in Hip-Hop


Photography by : tech2news

Text by : Sam Ferro

May 13, 2014

With the news breaking a few days ago that Apple will be acquiring Beats Electronics for a whopping 3.2 billion dollars, and the video from Tyrese Gibson’s Facebook, many people are wondering whether Dr. Dre will become the wealthiest man in Hip-Hop. Put in the words of Dre himself, “The first billionaire in Hip-Hop from the motherfucking west coast right here, believe it!” The video of Dre saying that emerged just hours after the news of Apple and Beats.

With the Forbes list coming out last month, Dre was recognized as the second wealthiest rapper behind Sean “Diddy” Combs, who racked up 700 million dollars in earnings last year. Diddy’s wealth comes mostly from his stake in Ciroc and his recently-launched Dre came up second posting 550 million dollars in which a large chunk of that came from his 20-25% stake in Beats Electronics. If you factor that into the 3.2 billion dollar acquisition from Apple, Dre would make somewhere between $640 and $800 million before taxes. Add that to his current $550 million and he’s pretty close to breaking that billion dollar mark. Props to Dre for all he’s done for music, he is well deserving of this and we wish him the best of luck at becoming the first billionaire in Hip-Hop.