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Art by : David Sabastian

Text by : Ronald Booher

January 23, 2014

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Can men and women be friends? Your answer is probably going to be dependent on whether or not you have friends of the opposite gender. The question is not in reference to the ever-popular “friends with benefits”, I mean in a purely platonic sense. I am not even discussing if it is common…we are discussing what is possible. The ultimate goal is to get the maximum out of everything even if unprecedented. Everyone is either male or female. In that sense everyone who is born is placed smack-dab in the middle of a perspective that only sees half of a bigger picture.

At a very young age boys and girls are purposely taught to be separate and different. Friendship begins at an age where the initial connection is based upon interests. Boys and girls have psychological and environmental differences that divide. Boys can hit each other, fight, and be aggressive. This is why for many decades the stereotypical toy for a boy is GI Joe. This is why everything from street gangs to football will always be male dominated no matter how women try to take on the role of a man. The way most men look at women is another extension of aggression. A man looks at women as something to hunt. In most of the world and all throughout history many men deliberately hold women down. A man mistakenly confuses masculinity with overt power and the overemphasis of it. This is disgusting but it still attracts some women. Attraction is by no means a tool to hold together a friendship.

Women are taught negative things too. The truths that I just spoke as common as they may be in men are not universal. The women in this country and generation are in a different position than most. Women can’t trust men because they think that they are monsters. Women are also taught that they are “princesses” and are given the impression that they are superior to men. Everything from our media to our education is used as a tool to artificially empower women. A woman is taught to gain CONTROL (not to be confused with power). A woman is expected to run the house and have more control over the children while a man goes out and works for another man. You will hear songs about a woman being independent but not so much with men. Even going back to childhood a girl is given a Barbie. The appeal to Barbie is the customization level as well as having more and more ad-ons. Notice that even with our concept of marriage a man is expected to get on his knee and humble himself to request being with her.

A friendship is about 2 people who respect one another being able to share interests, talk to one another, and support one another. Both men and women would rather have romantic relationships or sexual acts with members of the opposite gender than friendships. No person was meant to have more than one mate in that aspect. Too many men befriend women just to wait around to eventually get more out of a lady. These men often complain when they end up in the “friend zone”. Too many women use male friends as an “emergency dick in the glass”. Men and women can be friends but very few really want that and even less need it.