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Image Source: : Tumblr

Text by : David Sabastian

December 5, 2013





When I was watching TV this morning I saw an advertisement from the RSPCA appealing for donations to prevent animal cruelty, and the video clips they played all showed these tiny, shrunken, abused animals; cats and dogs with sad eyes and rib cages jutting out and their bony legs trembling under their small weight because they were so weak and starved. As soon as I saw this I immediately remembered some thinspo I’d seen re-blogged on my dashboard a few weeks ago, and it suddenly dawned on me just how strange thinspo seems when you really think about it. The top image in undoubtedly cruel, inhumane, and wrong, because the animal has been starved against it’s will, and yet the second image is something thousands and thousands of girls aspire to look like. For many, the second image is beautiful and desirable. But what is the difference really? The same bones are showing, they are both ill and weak. If the girl in the picture was given the dog to take care of, she would undoubtedly feed it up slowly and nurse it back to health, but she could not do the same for herself. It’s so strange how humans are going against the instinct to eat, despite living a privileged life where food is available at all times, they are forcing themselves to become an unnatural and twisted shape. A sick shape. I compare these two pictures, I see their similarities, but I also see the differences in how they are received by people who see them, it confuses me, but most of all it breaks my heart.