Backward Amnesia: Lora Zombie Brightens Brooklyn


Photography by : Ken Caruso

Text by : Ken Caruso

June 16, 2014

When I stepped into the space for this one night only pop-up event the music was pumping like an after hours club.  I’ve always expressed that music and art go hand in hand and this event was a perfect example of why.  With the sounds of Lyki Lee and Russian house and pop music Ms. Zombie perfectly created the mood she wanted her crowd to experience.  Taking over an old warehouse and zombie-fying it with some of her trademark colors, images, and plenty of fans the place felt, and most certainly was, FUN.


Lora Zombie is a young, self-taught painter from Russia who is influenced and inspired by music.  ”Music is my Hot Hot Sex” as she says and most of her art is connected to it. Some of her favorites are Damon Albarn (Blur and Gorillaz fame) The Rolling Stones, Kraftwerk, and Massive Attack, which are all bands that I love and respect.  Radiohead has “blown up her mind to millions of bright pieces,” according to her bio. But what her bio doesn’t mention is an idea that I’ve always stressed any artist should shoot for:  she has already found her voice at a young age.  Her playful, sexy, dark commentary on important personal subject matters has her “Zombie” stamp of approval all over her work. Looking like water color paintings with a little too much water, the street artist in her comes out on the canvas.  She is also a big proponent of the Suicide Girls and has designed and painted their Logo for the Blackheart Burlesque tour, how much sexier can you get than that?


Social media has catapulted the home-studio dwelling Russian artist to an internationally recognized talent with 141k likes on Facebook and 44 K followers on Instagram.  Her trademark blue hair makes you think that she doesn’t care if you take her seriously, but in reality I feel it’s a tribute to her self-confidence and “fuck you” attitude that I love about her.

For Backwards Amnesia Lora was brought over to the states by Eyes on Walls, who have been nurturing her talent for some years now. Putting on a show from 8pm (which is when most usual shows end) to 12am set the tone for a party atmosphere. She was such a gracious host by painting live in center stage – sketching many of her fans – and even signing autographs and taking photos with them, always with a bright smile on her face.  By the time I got there (one hour late due to Google Maps, thank god for my friend Ms. M helping me find my way) most of her paintings were sold out, and rightfully so.  She deserves all the acclaim she is given, and you can tell she is most appreciative and very humbled by it.

These are some of my pics of the fun filled event with a couple of my favorite paintings from the show.


“Thom Yorke”


“Kurt Cobain”




Sketching her fans


The Lovely Lora Zombie with DJK Caruso

You can follow Lora on Instagram here and Facebook here. Don’t forget to support the arts by any means… Invest in art, or help create it…

Ken Caruso is the ANTI Society’s in-house street art and photography expert. He is a decorative artist and owner and operator of Alternative Interiors in New Jersey as well as an avid collector and graffiti hunter. He also has his own radio show on Friday nights “Live…Without a net” on Follow him on Instagram  @djkcaruso. 

  • Shea Reiswig ANTI

    YO! She is awesome! Great pieces! I want that Cobain one!