ANTIFLIX: Cutie and the Boxer

Directed by : Zachary Heinzerling

Text by : Natasha Samtani

January 10, 2014

Ultimately a raw depiction of love and tribulation, Zachary Heinzerling’s feature-length documentary provides insight into the tumultuous lives of boxing-artist Uriko Shinohara and his equally, if not more talented artist wife, Noriko. The power of art and the desire to create immensely resounds throughout the piece as we see the pain and longing that essentially fuels the chaotic forty-year marriage and life of this elderly Japanese couple. Presented through a combination of verité footage, old family videos, and Noriko’s paintings that have been animated for greater impact, the ultimate irony in the story is the fact that despite all of Noriko’s sacrifices made for her alcoholic, artist husband, the couple faces financial burden and has yet to see success in selling their work. Despite the pain presented in their story, the film remains light, as the couple’s outlook and complicated love for each other sets a more solemn tone that is laced with subtle humor. This unrefined portrait of the complexity of art, marriage, and love not only puts to question the extent to which those will go to fulfill the need to create, but also extent of sheer craziness that individuals will endure when they are truly passionate about their work.

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  • LpNoDaysOff

    great movie i watched it twice.