Photography by : Kaya Rayne Lecour

Text by : Kaya Rayne Lecour

March 1, 2014

This is why we are doing what we are doing. People like Kaya keep the ANTI Society going and grow our movement everyday. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for your support.

My name is Kaya Rayne Lecour. I am a Cuban 19 year old skateboarder and artist, and I grew up in Coconut Grove, FL. I was the only “white kid” in my all Jamaican and Bahamian neighborhood. I believe this heavily influenced my art my mentality and my style. I have attached photos of my art and a video of a project me and my father created. Being that I am Cuban I was very interested in the politics of my native land. And being that I’m a skateboarder I wondered if there was skaters there and how they made it happen with the trade embargo. After much research I learned that there was a skate scene and I learned that the struggle to continue skating was real. It is nearly impossible to buy a skateboard in Cuba, therefore the entire scene is supplied by outsiders.


I immediately knew that it was up to me to help these Cuban skaters, as I saw myself in them and understood and could definitely relate to the struggles of being in poverty. So me and my father created AMIGO SKATE CUBA, a charity aimed at selflessly supporting the Cuban Skate, Art, and Music scene. In the beginning it was all out of pocket, but we began to fundraise and got skaters and companies to donate product to our cause. Since the creation of this charity we have been several times to Cuba, bringing massive amounts of supplies. Some interesting people who have come along for the ride are people from Fender, Chris Pontius from Jackass, Chris Casey from the Captain and Casey show, as well as a CNN correspondent. Although this charity seems like it should be known nation wide in the skateboard community, it hasn’t really expanded much and is still mostly out of pocket. However I will never give up as I feel that it is my obligation and responsibility to help these people.


I’ve been following ANTI Society for a while now and I just watched the “What Is ANTI” video. ANTI Society is one of the most beautiful, selfless, and original projects I have seen in a while. I of course clicked join ANTI and gave my email but that wasn’t enough for me at all. I want more. I want to be a part of the team in some way, I have a revolutionary mindset and I know that if enough minds like mine and yours are put together we can change the world. Unlike what others may think, there are people out there like us, who understand the good we can do on this earth, and the ways that our government is oppressing us our idea of free thinking. I think what David is doing is something that will go down in history just like what I’m doing. ANTI Society already has a huge platform and audience and I only expect it to grow. I think together we can change the world. All I’m asking is for someone to respond to my email. I just want someone to notice my untapped potential and not just pat me on the back for it, I need a chance to access the worlds eye. Thank you for your time, and if you don’t respond I’ll find you and tell you in person, and if you don’t listen I’ll do it again and again until you listen. Because a good idea without persistence and action is just another good idea.